Hello everyone arround the world!

Today, we just inform you all about some photo in our instagram account choosen to be The Most Favorite Photo. Nothing to do with any competition, This is only our initiative to hold this.

Here it goes! 😀

instagram belajargeologiinstagram belajargeologi west sumatera

It very rarely get more than 200 likes each post. But both of these photos did. It means these photo is the most favorite photos.

Thank you so much for every contribution and participation in belajargeolgi’s instagram. Keep using hasgtag #belajargeologi and tag your photo to us. And for you the lucky one, we will repost your photo to our account @belajargeologi.

Oke, that’s all and please kepoin our photos to the first post. You will get every things you curious to. 😀

See youu


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